Develop Your People Into Project Leaders

Developing your people doesn’t have to disrupt everyday project delivery.

Our on-the-job project leadership coaching, training, and performance management tools are designed to help your design-build project teams get better every day.

Are you ready to take the next step in developing your project talent pipeline?

The Engineering & Construction Workforce Is Evolving

Too many Engineering Consultancy, EPCM, Design-Build and Construction Management companies don’t meet their business growth targets because they don’t have a talent strategy in place to adapt to today’s evolving workforce. Difficulty attracting high-quality talent, employee turnover, and project execution challenges are an everyday part of the business.

As a Business Leader, optimizing your Project Talent Strategy becomes a must-do if:

  • You’re having trouble attracting high-quality talent.
  • Your time-to-hire is too long.
  • You’re experiencing high employee turnover in one or more departments or roles.
  • Silo communication between departments is hurting project productivity.
  • You have mixed performance & results from people promoted into project leadership roles.
  • Talent challenges are hurting your bottom line in project inefficiencies, lost opportunities, company reputation, and unhappy clients.
  • You’re missing a process that connects your people strategy to your business outcomes.

Project Talent Optimization changes all that.

It helps you build high-performance, multi-discipline project teams that deliver exceptional projects that fuel your business growth.


How To Attract, Hire, Retain, and Develop Top Design-Build Project Talent

Watch this FREE training now on what you need to avoid the industry’s talent shortage and create a Project Leader Talent Pipeline that fuels your business growth.

The Project Talent Optimization Solution Enables You To:

Build a Talent Strategy That Evolves As You Grow

A system and process to create and optimize your Talent Strategy. Build and retain high-performance project teams at all stages of your business.

Optimize Your Hiring Process

Confirm your instincts about hiring. Leverage behavioral data insights in your recruiting process to help you attract and hire faster and with certainty.

Create a Talent Pipeline of Project Leaders

A-Players succeed in delivering exceptional projects because of who they are: Project Leaders. Learn how to identify, develop, and promote more of them.

Measure Your Talent Strategy Effectiveness

Align your business and talent strategy metrics to see how your people impact your business outcomes, so you can make data-driven talent decisions.

Meet Your Design & Construction Talent Strategist

Hi, I'm Jennifer Glatz, P.Eng., PMP...

Owner/Founder | Project Leader | Talent Optimization Consultant

I help Design-Build Business Leaders like you with your talent strategy. Through my Project Talent Optimization system and toolkit, you too can attract, hire, retain, and develop your people to help you grow your business.

With the changes in the industry’s workforce and the shortage of people, a talent strategy is essential to attract and retain great people.


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It's Time To Design-Build Your Talent Strategy...

Imagine having all the qualified people you need, performing at their best, to expertly deliver all the projects in your backlog.

Each member of your team is a champion of their own performance, accountable for their part of project delivery, and delighting clients at all levels.

Not only that, you have the right people in the right roles who help drive your strategic business growth.

This can be your Project Talent Pipeline reality.

After being a Project Leader delivering design-build projects for over a decade, and teaching and coaching in the classroom, I know what it takes to build high-performance project teams.

What you need is a data-driven system is help you optimize your people.

And with a people-data toolkit and expert advice, you too can attract, hire, retain, and develop exceptional people that fuel your business growth.

Avoid The Industry's Talent Shortage In Your Business

Deliver Projects More Efficiently

With an optimized Talent Strategy, you'll have fully engaged employees, doing their best work, delivering efficient and profitable projects.

Hire the Right People in Less Time

By attracting and hiring the right talent, you'll avoid the frustration of mis-hires that are costly and time-consuming to replace.

Boost Employee Retention

By developing and coaching your talent to be Project Leaders at all levels inside your business, you'll boost employee retention and support growth.

See The Return On Your People Investment

By aligning your talent with your business results, you'll see how your people impact your bottom line and contribute to company growth.


Project Leader Coaching & Tools
For Engineering, Design & Construction Leaders

Hire the Right Talent In Less Time

Design-Build Hire Optimizer Program

90-Day Coaching Program +
Hire Toolkit
  • For Business & HR Leaders Looking to Reduce Their Time-To-Hire of Qualified Talent
  • Talent Strategy Blueprint
  • 90-Day Hire Optimizer Implementation Consulting
  • 12-Month Access To Your People Data Toolkit *
  • VIP Email Account Support

Optimize Your Talent Pipeline

Project Talent Pipeline

12-Month Coaching Program + Talent Pipeline Toolkit
  • Expert Coaching & Tools to Attract, Hire, Develop, and Retain Your Project Talent
  • Everything in Hire Optimizer *
  • High-Performance Project Team Workshop
  • Customized Individual Talent Development Plans
  • 1x Weekly Live "Open Office Hours" Consulting Q&A Support
  • On-Demand Talent Optimization Learning Resources *

Custom Talent Solutions

Talent Optimization Consulting

1:1 Executive Consulting +
Talent Engagement Toolkit
  • A Customized Solution to Address Your Unique Talent Challenges In Your Business
  • Talent Strategy Blueprint
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching & Implementation Support
  • Access to Your Customized Talent Engagement Toolkit **
  • Personalized Talent Workshops
  • Quarterly Reviews with Your Talent Optimization Dashboard

Not Sure Which Solution Is Best For You?


What Our Clients Say

Lavern Toews
Lavern ToewsProject Leader | Business Owner @ ESC Project Management

Jennifer is a great listener and her coaching sessions are tailored to the areas where you need development. Due to her field experience, she is always open to talk about the everyday project management problems and questions you may have, even if they aren't on topic with the session. An added bonus is the great resources she is able to pass along. If you are looking for some good practical project management advice that you can put to use right away, contact Jennifer.

Amir Shami, P.Eng, MBA
Amir Shami, P.Eng, MBAPresident & CEO at Rotaflow

We had a wonderful Project Management Workshop with proCollab Consulting. Jennifer Glatz is a professional instructor which understands the project management concept customized for the engineering and construction companies. She helped us to develop a detailed, efficient and tailored Roles & Responsibilities plan for our project management team. As result, the performance of our team increased and they are more clear about the responsibilities and are accountable for their performance.


Some Helpful Resources

Download these freemium resources to help you start your Project Talent Optimization.

Employee Engagement Thumbnail
PDF Script

The (Stress-Free) Employee Engagement Conversation Script

Boost your employee retention by using this engagement script to take the stress out of employee engagement and retention conversations.

2023 State of Talent Optimization Report - HR Execs Need Support Ad
PDF Report

2023 State of Talent Optimization Report by The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index and HR Dive conducted a survey of over 150 HR executives to gather insights on hiring, attrition, and improving company culture.

Talent Pool Playbook Thumbnail
PDF Playbook

The Top Talent Pool Playbook: Expand Your Candidate Pool

Flood your talent pipeline with top candidates with these 20 ideas to expand your candidate pool (without hiring an external recruiting agency).

Not Sure Where to Start?

Book a Talent Discovery Call and we’ll discuss the best options to get you started on optimizing your talent.


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