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How To Simplify Hiring The right Project Talent

Are you a Design & Construction Management Business Owner trying to hire the right talent to lead your projects?

If so, download a FREE copy of our Behavioral Interview Questions Playbook.

It details 8 specific questions you should be asking Project Construction Manager candidates to assess them for the right fit for your business.

What makes this playbook different?

When you open it, you’ll discover how to assess your candidates based on behavior… so you don’t have to rely on only qualifications, referrals, or simply “gut feel”.

To grab your copy of the interview playbook now, simply click the button below, enter your details, and you’ll receive your copy in your inbox!


Learn more about this simple strategy to hire the right talent so you can get back to scaling your business.

Programs & Services

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THe Project Leader Career Accelerator Program

The Project Leader Career Accelerator Program is for aspiring Project Leaders including Coordinators, Project Engineers & Project Managers wanting to advance their careers in Engineering & Construction Management.

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Project Teams - talent & Process Solutions

The Talent & Process Solutions service is for Engineering & Construction Management business leaders wanting to enhance their project management talent & processes to scale their business through exceptional project execution.