To help you grow your Engineering & Construction business and deliver successful projects through Project Talent Optimization.

Welcome! I'm Jennifer!

Jennifer Glatz, P.Eng., PMP
Owner/Founder, Project Talent & Process Consultant

I want to personally welcome you to proCollab Consulting!!

I’ve been working in the Engineering & Construction industry for over 15 years delivering projects, and I understand – first hand – the challenges that Project Leaders face.

Project Management can be extremely challenging…

Trying to balance business needs, clients expectations, and team dynamics…

And for many, trying to navigate through it all on your own.

But this industry has its charm. It is incredibly rewarding because you get to see the end result of your team’s hard work, work with a diverse group of people, and genuinely help others to succeed!

My mission is simple: to help Engineering & Construction companies and Project Leaders to enhance their project management talent and processes so they can deliver successful construction projects that change the world!

Not to mention… can we have fun delivering projects, too? 🙂

I believe that practical Project Management tools and techniques should be accessible to all levels of Project Leaders. It’s no secret that the success of every project depends on the proactive leadership and collaboration of all team members. 

This is why I offer two core programs: The Project Leader Career Accelerator Program (for individual Project Leaders) and Project Team Talent & Process Solutions (for business owners and managers).

Whether you’re a Project Leader looking to enhance your skills or a business owner wanting a high-performance project team – I look forward to serving you!

To Your Project Success,

Jennifer Glatz, P.Eng., PMP

My Coaching & Consulting Process

1. We Start With The Behavioral Assessment

Whether you're a Business Owner, Manager, or Project Leader, starting with the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment (BA) is an introduction! It gives us insight into who you are as a Leader, as well as how best to work together.

2. We Complete a Talent Strategy Session

My Talent Strategy Sessions are designed to give us an introduction, to help me understand your situation and needs in more detail, and then we craft a plan together on our next steps to work together.

3. Customized Coaching & Consulting Package

Once we decide on a path forward, we will work together inside one of my coaching & consulting packages to help you with your Talent & Process needs. Packages include a combination of 1:1 coaching, workshops, and resources & support.

Learn More About Talent Optimization

Whether you are a Business Leader looking for Talent & Process Solutions, or a Project Leader looking to advance your career, we have resources to help!

Click the button that best applies to your situation, and we’ll go from there!