Common Roadblocks for Aspiring Project Managers

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Written By: Jennifer Glatz, P.Eng., PMP

September 20, 2019


Aspiring Project Managers can experience some common roadblocks when it comes to getting into the market and successfully delivering their first few projects.

1. They may have taken a course or certificate in Project Management but aren’t sure how to apply the principles to their industry, role, or current projects.

2. They may have some experience in the coordination and task management side of project management but aren’t sure what technical or leadership skills they need to enhance in order to make that next step up to PM and be successful. Many organizations don’t have a clear road map that aspiring PMs should follow to be recognized as “ready” for the role. This can result in prolonging the time it takes to reach that next step.

3. They may not have enough experience to recognize the signs and symptoms of common project mistakes before they become an issue or what to do about them when they happen.

These common issues can leave aspiring PMs feeling frustrated that they aren’t able to make that next step up or worried that they won’t be able to deliver. It can also lead to the feeling of being thrown into the pool to figure things out on their own – trial and error – which can lead to elevated stress and sleepless nights. It’s difficult to figure out the things you don’t know you don’t know!

But there are a few ways to help avoid these roadblocks.

If your organization has a Project Management Office (or PMO), get in touch and explore the policies, procedures, and tools that your organization has available. If your organization doesn’t have a PMO, connect with a Project Management Professional to help you.

Next, have a conversation with your employer to get some feedback on what their expectations are for skills you need to enhance. Seek out your organization’s job description of a PM to get an idea of skills or experience you may be lacking.

Also, connect yourself with a project management mentor or coach that can alert you to common project mistakes and offer practical solutions.

Are you still finding it difficult to navigate these roadblocks or tough to find someone to help?

Our 10-week Project Leader Program might be a great fit. It provides you with an assessment and road map of both technical and leadership skills you need to enhance to set yourself up for success, shows you how to apply PM principles to your industry and projects, and addresses how to avoid common project mistakes.

To find out more, book your no-risk consultation. Let’s discuss strategy on how we can get you to the next level of your PM journey!