What is Project Talent Optimization?

Attract, Hire, Retain, and Inspire Great People To Fuel Your Design & Construction Business

Project Talent Optimization is for Design & Construction business leaders who want to build high-performance teams that deliver exceptional projects that change the world.

The Design & Construction industry is facing an unprecedented talent shortage. Business leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to find and retain the right people to execute projects and grow their businesses. Part of that challenge is a workforce shift where people are looking for clarity on how they contribute to a bigger mission and need to know their contributions matter.

Project Talent Optimization helps to bridge that gap. It helps Business Leaders navigate the culture and policy shift they need to attract and retain great people. It enables and supports Project Leaders at all levels of an organization to do their best work.

And as your Certified Talent Optimization Partner, we’re with you every step of the way to optimize your talent so you can fuel your business growth.

Ready To Start Optimizing Your Talent?

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The Project Talent Optimization Framework

Our commitment is to help you maximize your return on investment by aligning your talent initiatives directly with your business results.

Project Talent Optimization has four foundational pillars. We start the process with a Project Talent Discovery where we discuss your business strategy and the talent challenges you are currently facing. We then put together a customized Talent Strategy roadmap, consisting of one or more of the pillars, that align with your business objectives. 

Put the right people in the right roles to build high-performance project teams that delight your clients!
Optimize your existing hiring process to onboard the right people with confidence.
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Build a pipeline of exceptional Project Leaders to fuel your business.

Avoid the cost of turnover by solving employee engagement challenges.

What makes us different is we work with business leaders to implement an internal solution to attract, hire, retain, and inspire great people.

Our clients build high-performance project teams without relying on an external recruiting agency.

Want More Research Data?

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Talent Optimization is about putting the right people in the right roles to deliver successful construction projects and grow your business.

But instead of just telling you about it, experience the power of Project Talent Optimization for yourself!

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