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How To Take a Worry-Free Friday Off

Picture this… On Friday, it’s your youngest daughter’s graduation day. You can’t wait to see her cross the stage to collect her diploma. You’ve been looking forward to this day for years. In preparation for the big day, you sit down with your team leads on Monday. You tell them you’ll be out of the …

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Entering the PM Market

Are you experiencing frustration because you are not getting any feedback on your job applications? Perhaps you’ve had a few screening or first round interviews but don’t get invited for the second round. Are you also unsure of how to network effectively with other professionals to find hidden opportunities? Learn about the five common mistakes to avoid when entering the Project Management market.

How to Get Project Management Experience Without Any Experience

You have completed your education in Project Management and achieved your first credential – congratulations! The next step is to enter the market into your first project related position. It is not uncommon however, for people to struggle to get their foot in the door. Two of the age-old questions from recent grads are: “How do I get experience without having any experience?” and “How do I get into the industry if all the job postings have minimum years of experience?”.